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Transport complete. Welcome aboard the Federation starship Gladiator. My name is Lieutenant Al Mendelson, and the good Rear Admiral has charged me with your personal tour. What's that? Never been aboard an Intrepid-class starship before? No problem. I'll take you to all the hotspots. To continue with the tour, simply click Continue the bottom of each stop. Or, you can simply take a look at the list of our stops below, and click on the one that most interests you and we'll go straight there.


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Conference Room

Rear Admiral Pitt's Ready Room

Mess Hall

Rear Admiral Pitt's Quarters

Commander Cavazos' Office

Science Laboratory

Astrogations Laboratory


Security Office and Armory



Holographic Research Laboratory


Main Engineering

Officer's Lounge

Captain Kinslayer's Office

Marine Briefing Room

Transporter Room

Diving Tank/ Aquarium (coming soon)


Many images from:


Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force


other sources