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Welcome to the mess hall. Located on Deck 2, this room is where the ship's chef, Emeril Perlmutter, prepares nearly all of the meals consumed aboard ship. As you can see in the above diagram, there is a full kitchen, as well as a replicator from which to get food. There are several tables of varying size and one third of the room is set as a lounge area, with couches and a low coffee table.


In these images, you see the inside of the mess hall from a crewman's point of view. The above image depicts the doors to the messhall. They are taller and wider than the standard doors aboard the Gladiator, to handle large volumes of people at once. In the lower image you um....who is that? What is that? =/\=Mendelson to Security, intruder alert in the mess hall!=/\=

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