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Welcome to the Science Laboratories aboard the Gladiator. She has two such rooms, both located on Deck 6. Science Lab 1 was severely damaged on the Gladiator's first mission by the acidic life-forms engineered by rogue Romulan Commander Pyresse Kinslayer.

The Science Labs are under the command of Lt. (JG) Marek, the ship's chief
science officer. He is here most of the time, and when he's not, his deputy,
the asst. chief science officer, takes over the important work that
starfleet seems not to recognise as often as the science officers might
like. It is not known exactly what goes on here, but the CScO calls them
"experiments" to assist with research for Starfleet, and to provide crucial
tests to ascertain things that the ship's sensors cannot detect whilst on
luxurious "field trips".

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