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Lenares, Angel

Species:  Human
Age: 25 Earth years
Height: 1.8 m
Weight: 81.19 kg
Eye Color: Light Hazel, (almost gray)
Hair Color: Medium Tone Brown (Mainly straight, and cut short on the sides and mid length on top, slightly spiky.)
Right Handed
Native Planet: Earth

Lieutenant Commander

Gender: Male

Obsidian Fleet Merit of Time Served (12-01-01)Obsidian Fleet One Year Anniversary Award (7-29-02)

Personal History:
  Skills/Areas of Expertise:
Computational Analysis, programming, and design
Warp Theory/Propulsion systems
Structural Engineering
Starship Design
Particle Physics
Planetary Sciences
Alpha Quadrant Linguistics ((Fluent in English (Federation standard), Vulcanese, Klingonese, and Bajoran))
Wing Chun Kung Fu (Ancient Earth Martial Art); Level of Skill: Master
Herbal Healing

Weak areas:
Physiological Sciences (Medical Fields)
Microcellular Biology
Flight Operations (only able to pilot small craft and starships well, such as a shuttle or runabout)

Previous Assignment(s): Currently in his first position as an officer.

Personal History: Angel Miguel Lenares was born on June 22, 2352 on North America, Earth. He was born to Miguel Lenares and Vanessa DelaCruz-Lenares. As he grew up, Angel did not have an easy time in school. He had difficulty in mathematics and history. He continued as an average student, and completed his secondary education on time, but only in the top 25% of his class. For one year, Angel took a respite from any educational functions, and traveled to many places on Earth. He did many things, including studying an ancient Earth Martial Art known as Wing Chun Kung Fu. But then, during this time, he realized that he wanted to see more than just what was on Earth and to do more than just what he had done. He became fascinated by the prospect of exploring. He decided to join starfleet, but there was a problem. The entrance exam for the academy was difficult, and he made his best attempt, but on his first try, they placed Angel on a waiting list, and then Starfleet Academy rejected him! .. He was very determined to get into the academy, so he found someone to help him. His father was a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet, and he was close friends with one of the Assistant Academy Commandants, who decided to help Angel with preparing for the exam. After about 5 months of strict tutoring and studying, Angel was accepted into the academy. In the academy, he decided to take up Starship Operations and Warp Principles in the Academy. This was a very unexpected choice as Angel was never good at mathematics, which those two fields entailed. But Angel was determined to succeed, and succeed he did. He exceeded all his instructors expectations. Angel excelled in Warp Theory and Operations Management, and was even awarded the Cochrane Certification for Outstanding Engineers. He also became an expert in the fields of Stellar Physics and Computational Analysis. After 5 years in the Academy, Angel Lenares graduated in the top 3% of his class. He aspires to become a very influential officer, innovating the fields of Warp Theory and Computational Systems.
Standard Duty Uniform

Standard Duty Uniform

Dress Uniform

Fress Uniform

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