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Welcome aboard the Gladiator's Delta Flyer-class runabout, the USS Spartacus. Based on the design of the craft constructed by the crew of the Voyager during their seven years in the Delta Quadrant, she adds quite a bit of flexibility to the 'Gladdy'. Let's begin with the flight control cabin.

Starting with the station sunken down in the bow, that is the helm. If needed, nearly all of the ship's functions can be controlled from this console by one person. There is added seating down there if another person is necessary in the position.

Aft of the helm, and up the ramp are tactical and operations. Tactical is to starboard, Ops to port. The station farthest aft is Engineering. Beside the Engineering console is the door leading to the accesway to the head and aft compartment.

Off of the acceswat is the head. It offers a sink, toilet, and even a small sonic shower for extended missions away from the Gladiator. In the aft compartment, there are small, food only, replicators, storage for environmental and thermal suits, as well as a biobed and several workstations. The entire aft compartment is designed to be removable to make upgrades faster and easier, although the class is so new it is doubtful this feature will be needed for some time.

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