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Welcome to sickbay. This is the ship's key medical facility. It's where you come when you have a broken leg, phaser would, Bat'leth sticking out of your back, Talarian flu, stubbed toe, tennis elbow, butterflies in your stomach, or any number of other maladies. Here, using state of the art medical techniques, Dr. Sage will mend any fracture or ailment. 

This room also contains Dr. Sage's office in the center, and the medlab. Through the door to the back is a small corridor leading to the morgue.

The morgue. This is where you'll end up if the doctor is unable to effectively treat what ails you. The room has six stasis drawers for storing the mortal remains of a deceased crew member. There is also a work station for entering into the ships log such details as cause of death, next of kin, etc. The room is kept under a constant sterile field whenever a cadaver is present. Here, bodies are autopsied and prepared for burial in whatever custom the deceased would have wished. Most common is burial in space.

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