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Here we are in the main office for the security forces aboard the Gladiator. From here, Ensign O'Hare has complete control over the brigs, the security teams roving the ship, and every other aspect of her duty as Chief Security Officer. From here is accessible Brig I as well as the main armory of the Gladiator. We'll visit the Brig later on in the tour, but for now, lets take a look in the armory. Remember, look with your eyes, not with your hands.

USS Gladiator Armory Contents:

Image: Description: Sec. Armory Qty: Mar. Armory Qty:
Type II phaser pistol 200 units 75 units
Type III phaser rifle 100 units 25 units
Type IIIa phaser rifle 100 units 25 units
Type IIIb phaser rifle 100 units 25 units
Type IIIb light, short-range phaser rifle 50 units 25 units
Type IIIb EVA phaser rifle
specially designed for use with a SEWG
50 units 25 units
Isomagnetic Disintegrator 4 units 8 units

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