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Science Lab I

Science Lab II

Directly across the corridor from one another on deck six are both of the Gladiator's science laboratories. Overseen by (some would say mad) scientist and CSO Lt. Marek, these labs represent the essence of Starfleet's mission of science and exploration.

While similar in many respects, each lab is unique in purpose and abilities. Lab I has the capacity the break down and analyze any material, identifying most with a vast archive of every material known to Starfleet. Lab I is also hardwired into the sensor arrays and the Astrogation Lab to provide detailed analysis of stellar and subspace phenomena. 

Lab II is outfitted for life-sciences. Able to detect, analyze, and identify species, pathogens, bacterium, viruses, or any other manner of living (or dead) being. Linked to the medlab adjoining sickbay, Lab II can work in conjunction with the Medical department to treat previously undiagnosed conditions. In addition, Lab II is outfitted with a small hologrid to create 3-dimensional representations of anything from a virus to a complete humanoid form, without the trip to the holodeck.

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