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Welcome to the bridge. Located on Deck 1, the bridge of the Gladiator is the hub of nearly all ship functions. From here, Rear Admiral Pitt commands the ship, the course is set, sensors are monitored, weapons are fired, and conditions aboard ship are monitored and controlled. Little that happens on the Gladiator goes unnoticed by someone on the bridge.

The forward, central station on the bridge is that of Flight Control. Here, Ensign Loran controls the ship's speed, course, and heading. To the port of that station is the science station, to starboard is Engineering. Aft of them is Operations and Tactical, respectively. In the center, is the CO's and XO's seats. Aft of there is Marine Ops.

On the bridge is the ship's dedication plaque, an image of which can be seen below. The bridge has access to a turbolift, RAdm Pitt's ready room, the conference room, as well as a few other rooms on deck 1, including an airlock and two escape pods.

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