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astro - of, pertaining to, occurring in, or characteristic of outer space.
navigation - The art or science of charting the course of ships, aircraft, etc.

The Astrogations Lab. Formerly stellarcartography, this room was converted to its present state by the engineering staff of the Gladiator, under the direction of then Ensign Lenares. Using state-of-the-art particle technology combined with some of the most advanced sensors Starfleet has to offer, the Astrogrations lab enables the Gladiator to detect nearly everything down to a few nanometers in diameter up to several light-years away. By sensing the gravity well produced by all matter, all manner of data can be gathered. This also enables the Gladiator to detect ships concealed by some forms of cloaking devices, though any number of stellar phenomena can occlude the vision of these sensors.

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