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   The USS Gladiator, NCC-74676, is and Intrepid-class starship. She was constructed at Starfleet's Avalon Fleetyards facility in the Reayan sector. After completion she was named USS Firebrand. Shortly afterward, she was renamed USS Gage Hill, to commemorate a fallen comrade in Starfleet's Fourth Fleet. Several weeks later, evidence was found to reverse the decision to rename the vessel, and a choice of names was given to her current commanding officer, Commander Tlaloc Pitt, and he chose the name USS Gladiator for the ship.

Too see what the major features and rooms of each deck are, click on the link below.

Deck Layout 

Expected Hull Duration: 89 Years
Time Between Re-supply: 1 Years
Time Between Refit: 4Years
Category: Explorer
Officers: 35
Enlisted Crew: 115
Marines: 24
Passengers: up to 30
Cruising: Warp Factor 8 (1,024c)
Maximum: Warp Factor 9.975 (5,364c)
Emergency: Warp Factor 9.985 (7,183c)
Auxiliary Craft:
Shuttle Bays: 1
Shuttles: 7
     Type 9: 4
     Type 8: 2
     Type 10: 1
Fighters: 0
Runabouts: 1
     Delta Flyer-class: 1
Other: 1
     Aerowing: 1
     Type IX Array: 12
Launchers: 4
     Pulse Fire: 4
Casings: 54
     Photon: 30
     Quantum: 20
     Tri Cobalt: 4
     Ablative Hull Armor
     Cloaking Device
     Metaphasic Shielding
     Auto-modulating Shields
     Length: 343 Meters
     Draft: 66 Meters
     Beam: 133 Meters
     Decks: 15

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