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The latest happenings of the ship, hot off the PADD.

December 18, 2001

USS Gladiator site honored with the USS Wildcat-A Level 5 Award for a purrr-fect Star Trek Website. 

December 17, 2001

Yeah, yeah, I haven't updated this page in a while.

Please check out the new Marine dept. layout on the manifest. Be sure to submit your mission/plot idea now. And as always, POST!

October 17, 2001

USS Gladiator site honored with the Webtrekkie Site of Excellence award.

Commander Cavazos now has a picture up.

Holographic Research Laboratory added to Starship Tour.

Please welcome aboard our new Marine XO, Second Lieutenant Chris Ratchek.

Busy Day...

October 16, 2001

Sadly, Counselor Brussel has chosen to leave the Gladiator. Her real life workload was far too demanding to allow us the pleasure of her company. She was aboard the Gladiator since day 1, and she will be missed.

On a lighter note, please welcome aboard out new Chief Engineer, Ensign Kaye Lang. (Maybe we can keep this one...)

Also a few new images have been added to the tour on such pages as the Bridge, Ready Room, Conference Room, Mess Hall, and Engineering.

October 12, 2001

Please welcome aboard our new Chief Tactical/Security Officer, Ensign Camron Cortez.

October 10, 2001

As soon as the stardate calculator starts working again, I'll be putting stardates up again. You may notice several new images on the tour, as well as a few new NPCs on the manifest. Also, there is now a Crew of the Gladiator picture, accessible from the main system page. Take a look. As I get more crew pics, I will add them onto it. Oh yeah, Rear Admiral Pitt has a picture up now.

Stardate Unknown - September 24, 2001

Please welcome aboard our new Strategic Operations Officer, Ensign T'Lanna Morgayne Troi.

Stardate Unknown - September 19, 2001

Lieutenant Angel Lenares is alive and well, as you should know...he's posted. Remember, everyone must either post or give me a damn good reason why you can't post (ex. there has been a death in the family...yours) by Saturday September 22, 2001. If you do not do one of these, you WILL be removed from the ship, no questions asked.

Please welcome aboard our new Chief Engineer Ensign Quinn "Mac" Mackenzie.

Stardate Unknown - September 11, 2001

Today's attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. have struck many of us very hard. I have received word that Chief Nurse Lisa Johnson has lost her stepmother in the disaster in New York. Our thoughts and prayers go our to her and her family. I still await word from Lieutenant Angel Lenares. He lives in New York City, and may or may not have been involved this morning. I will keep you updated as I hear things.

On a side note, Doctor R'Kran has a picture up on his biography, Commander Torek as well.

Stardate Unknown - September 7, 2001

I've reworked the application form to reflect the changes in the biography layout. Also, you may notice some minor changes to the manifest. New mission, entitled "Master Race" scheduled to begin tomorrow.

Stardate 54658 - August 28, 2001

I am very happy to say the tour in now finished. Please take a look.

Stardate 54649 - August 25, 2001

The hit counter on the front page finally functions. I have adjusted the date to reflect this. Also, Lieutenant Lenares and Ensign Loran have sent pictures to me for their bios. Please...follow suit people!

Stardate 54641 - August 22, 2001

A new format for the crew biographies section has been introduced. They now can easily show any image of a crew member. Sadly, only three crew have gotten picture of themselves to RAdm Pitt. Get pics!

Stardate 54603 - August 8, 2001

Commodore Pitt promoted to Rear Admiral. Cadet Loran promoted to Ensign. Lieutenant JG Lenares promoted to Lieutenant. Lieutenant Commander Cavazos promoted to Commander. Congratulations to all!