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Past Missions:

Mission #01: "Changes"
The starship Gladiator is launched under the command of Captain Tlaloc Pitt on a mission to escort Klingon BoP I.K.S. T'Magh to Avalon Fleetyards. En route, both are attacked by Romulan Commander Pyresse Kinslayer and the T'Magh is destroyed. This marks the first appearance of Commander Pyresse and his ultimate biological weapons, the Acidic Life-forms.

Mission #02: "Repairs"
The Gladiator docks for a short time at Avalon Fleetyards for some much needed repairs before embarking on a mission to oversee the test of a new weapon at planet Minotia II. However, before leaving dock, someone attempts to steal the plans for the weapon. 

Mission #03: "'Time' for Repairs"
En route to the Minotia System, the suspected thief escapes custody aboard a shuttle and falls into a temporal rift. Following, the crew finds themselves in the year 2267 in the Mirror Universe under attack from Romulans, who are seeking to steal the Gladiator's far advanced warp core.

Mission #04: "Search and Rescue"
Finally arriving at Minotia II, the Gladiator discovers the three other ships assigned to the test are destroyed, one having crashed on the planet, an ice world. The Gladiator lands to search for survivors and any data or materials pertaining to the weapon. Once down, the Gladiator is again attacked by Commander Pyresse and his ALFs.

Mission #05: "Calm Before the Storm"
The Gladiator docks at Starbase 565 for some much needed R&R. She also transfers the station's new CMO, Dr. Andrew Gunn, to 565. Captain Pitt even receives a promotion to Commodore. Word then starts coming in of a rapidly approaching threat.

Mission #06: "Gates of Hell"
That threat is the Hirogen fleet consisting of about 40 vessels. Ships from Task Forces 21, 38, and 72 amass at Starbase 565 to repel the invasion, and after heavy losses, are successful.

Mission #07: "Bioship"
Escorting a captive Hirogen ship to SFI, the Gladiator becomes infected with a computer virus that gives the ship's computer self-awareness. The ship then begins to attack crewmembers, culminating in the computer shutting down life support, forcing the crew to take refuge aboard the H.H.V. Knight Hammer.

Mission #08: "Brave New World"
On a mission to track down the whereabouts of the missing U.S.S. Nemesis in the general direction of the Galactic Core, the Gladiator finds a cloaked star system housing a race far more advanced than the Federation. This race captured the Nemesis to copy the design. This would allow the Cyrollans to covertly cross Federation space to battle their enemy, the Krynn. To escape the Cyrollans and get out of a battlefield where Omega Particle explosives were the norm, Lieutenant Verminaard Kinslayer detonated one such device on a Cyrollan planet, destroying it.

Mission #09: "Different Paths"
Docking again at Starbase 565, Commodore Pitt is promoted to Rear Admiral. The time spent docked is uneventful, however the Gladiator is reassigned to the newly formed Ninth Fleet, named Obsidian Fleet.

Mission #010: "Master Race"
The Gladiator discovers an ancient starship, U.S.S. Zavala, adrift for centuries. Through the investigation of the ship, the crew finds that the Planet Killer and the Cetacean Probe are in fact from the same race, the humpback whales. 

Mission #011: "Eliminate The Impossible"
While docked at Deep Space 9, the Gladiator recieves a distress call from the other side of the Bajoran Wormhole. Responding, the Gladiator finds the message came from the former New Bajor colony, now populated by a group of fanatical Pah-wraith worshippers seeking to get their god, Vaal Imtah, off of the planet to seek revenge on the Prophets. Compounding matters, a Dominion Battleship joins in the fun.

Mission #012: "Who Ever Said Anything About Going Boldly?"
On a joint venture with the U.S.S. Rama, now under the command of the defected Commander Pyresse, the Gladiator and the Rama investigate the fate of the starship S.S. Inca Gold.

Mission #013: "Hands of God and Time"
Trapped 1,000 years in the past in Earth orbit, the crew discovers the Bubonic Plague was caused by interlopers from another time. These invaders, however, drive off the Gladiator, severely damaging her.

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