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    Welcome aboard the new and improved website of the USS Gladiator. I am Rear Admiral Tlaloc Pitt, the commanding officer of this Intrepid-class starship and the commanding officer of Wolf Star Squadron. Interested in a position? First, you may want to read a few of the posts in the current mission as they are written. Click on YahooGroups! Site and you can read the posts there. If the ship looks like something you may enjoy, why not take the tour and familiarize yourself with her. Soon enough you'll know every inch of her. If you still want a position (we haven't scared you away yet?), take a look at the crew manifest. There are always several open positions. Pick one out that's right for you and click Join Crew to send an application.

The crew of the Gladiator, along with the world, mourns the disastrous loss of space shuttle Columbia with all hands. Their memories will live on in the annals of space travel, and our hearts.
February 1, 2003

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Starship commissioned stardate 53918

December 1, 2000

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