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Crew Application

Real Name: 

Real Age: 

Email Address: 

AOL IM Name: 

Character Name: 

Character Race: 

Character Age: 
Earth Years

Character Gender: 
Other/Unknown/Does Not Apply  

Character Height: 

Will be converted to metric measurments.

Character Weight: 

Will be converted to metric measurments.

Character Eye Color: 

Character Hair Color: 

Hand Preference: 
Right Handed  
Left Handed  

Character Native Planet: 

Character Picture URL: 

Service Type: 
Enlisted (Basic training only)  
Warrant (By warrant)  
Commissioned (Graduated from Starfleet Academy)  

Desired Position (subject to openings): 

Alternate Position Choice (subject to openings): 

Character Biography (use Rear Admiral Pitt's as a template):

RPG Experience (Star Trek only):

How did you learn about the USS Gladiator?:

Do you agree to follow all Obsidian Fleet rules and regulations? (If you click 'No', don't bother clicking 'Submit Application'.):