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Species:  Vulcan
Age: 26 Earth years
Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 83.91 kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Native Planet: Vulcan

Lieutenant JG

Gender: Male

Personal History:

Marek was born to a rather affluent Vulcan family in 2253. His father, Ra'ken, has been a member of the Vulcan Science Academy since 2347. Growing up in that atmosphere was what lead Marek to decide on a path in sciences. Marek's mother, Loran, died when he was only 3 years old, leaving him with little memory of her.

In 2362, Marek was joined to Fera, a young Vulcan female and daughter of a close family friend. The two are not yet mated, although Marek intends to do so during his first vacation from Starfleet. Until then, Marek will suffer the Pon'Faar without mating, by channeling his energy, and utilizing the teachings of the Kohlinar.

Marek achieved Kohlinar in 2367, at the age of 14. At that time, he applied to the Vulcan Science Academy's lower school, where he studied Astrophysics.  He graduated in 2371, and made the decision to serve in Starfleet.  He graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2375, majoring in Starship Sensor Operation, and taking a minor in Stellar Cartography.

Marek's first assignment as an Ensign was aboard Starbase 112, where he participated in Project "Windward".  Once the project was complete, a year later, the administrators of the Starbase awarded promotions all around, making Marek a Lieutenant, JG in 2376.  After his promotion, Marek applied to a Starship, and was assigned to the USS Bonne Homme Richard-A as the Chief of Stellar Sciences.  In 2378, he took over as the Assistant Chief of Sciences - a position he retained until his transfer to the USS Gladiator, in 2379.  Upon his transfer, Marek was made the Chief of Sciences.


Marek is a typical Vulcan. He has no sense of humor, and is very "by the book". Even though several people consider him to be a friend, he does not return such affections. To those who do not know him, Marek may seem a little haughty. He walks with his head high, eyes forward, and rarely makes eye contact unless speaking with someone. He invokes logic at every opportunity, and is sometimes confused by the vastly illogical attitudes, and actions of those around him.


Marek is 73 inches tall, and weighs 185 pounds. He has a medium build, black hair cropped at the ears, and green eyes. His skin is olive colored, and tanned.


Marek received a small amount of specialized psionic training as a child. His father took it upon himself to teach Marek the skills of healing touch. The ability is limited due to Marek's youth but his own personal and spiritual development adds to the ability with the passing of time. Even though he has never been called upon to use this skill, he still remains aware of it, and can perform it if needed.

Standard Duty Uniform

Standard Duty Uniform

Dress Uniform

Fress Uniform

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