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Hardy, Reagan

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Species:  Human/Betazoid
Age: 27 Earth years
Height: 1.75 m
Weight: 49.89 kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Right Handed
Native Planet: Earth


Gender: Male

Rank: Ensign

Personal History:
Appearance & Attitude: Reagan is a young woman that is of lean build with shoulder length brown hair and appears very fragile; but looks can be deceiving. Reagan is the type of person most people would notice when she enters into a room. She is a very calm person usually and is generally very nice and approachable. Like most people in the field of counseling, she tries to appear both non-threatening and non-confrontation. She is also very protective about her patients and those she serves with.

Reagan is the daughter of Admiral John Hardy and Dr. Elizabeth Hardy, she was born in San Francisco on Earth. She is the third child of five children. Reagan spent most of her childhood with her mother who is a warp physicist at the Daystrom Institute while her father was still captain of a starship. Growing up, Reagan had a true inside for the sciences more than her siblings. Reagan attended Zephram Cochrane High School and had all intentions of becoming an engineer. However, the nervous breakdown of one of her aunts lead to an awakening to the Psychology profession. She graduated from high school at the age of 16, through accelerated programs and entered Starfleet Academy that fall. Reagan excelled at her classes and majored in Psychology and minored in Engineering with a specialty in warp mechanics. She graduated second in her class at the age of 19. After graduation, Reagan did advanced work at the Vulcan Science Academy and University of Betazed earning a PhD., and becoming the youngest person to do that at 21 to do that. Reagan than did a year of post-doctoral work at Starbase 485. She was then transferred to Starfleet Medical where she was a staff psychologist and remained there for 2 years until she met her late husband, Lt. Evan Morgan. They had a child, and were posted to the USS Sierra, however, during a battle with the Dominion Fleet, her husband's fighter was destroyed. Reagan had been called to the hospital ship USS Olympic to deal with traumatized patients, and felt her son would be better if he remained on the Sierra because it was more heavily armed. Her decision was wrong, the Sierra and all aboard except those on the medical ship were lost. Reagan then took a leave of absence for 3 months, and after that worked at Starfleet Medical for the remainder of the year. She picked the pieces of her life up and returned to starship duty by serving on the USS Explorer as ship's counselor until she felt it was time for a change.

Standard Duty Uniform

Standard Duty Uniform

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