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Pitt, Tlaloc

Species:  Betazoid
Age: 40 Earth years
Height: 1.92 m
Weight: 83.36 kg
Eye Color: Opaline Green
Hair Color: Black (wavy)
Right Handed
Native Planet: Betazed

Rear Admiral

Gender: Male

Obsidian Fleet Merit of Time Served (12-01-01)James T. Kirk Commanding Officer of the Year (1-9-02)
Obsidian Fleet One Year Anniversary Award (7-29-02)

Personal History:

Tlaloc is the third child of Pyort and Shira Pitt. He has an older brother named Darson, and an older sister named Nerol. At the age of 15, Tlaloc had a falling out with his parents on Betazed. He moved to Mars to live with his paternal uncle, Arden Pitt, at the New Albany settlement.
Several times during the next two years, Pitt was arrested by Starfleet security personnel for trespassing on Starfleet property, the Utopia Planitia Shipyards. There, Pitt watched the new Galaxy and Nebula class starships being constructed and launched. Pitt was witness to the launch of such ships as the Yamato, Enterprise, T'Kumbra, and Farragut. There, Pitt dreamed of one day piloting one of those beautiful starships.
Pitt graduated from the New Albany High School at the age of 17. Immediately after, he joined Starfleet. There he further pursued his dream by attending the Starfleet flight school. There he set a new speed record for the Jovian Run between Jupiter and Saturn. In combat situations, his Betazoid mental abilities gave Pitt a tactical edge over his opponent. Pitt was capable of anticipating his opponents actions.
Just before graduation, Pitt received a message from a friend on Mars. The message informed Pitt that Arden had been killed in a bar fight with two Cardassians. Pitt dropped out of the Academy a week before the semester ended and returned to Mars. There he hunted down and killed the two Cardassians responsible for his uncle's death. His actions gained the attention of a Maquis cell on Mars. Still filled with rage, Pitt joined the Maquis. After participating in an attack on Setlik II, in which nearly 300 Cardassian civilians were killed, Pitt realized he didn't hate all Cardassians, just the two who had killed his uncle. He decided to betray his Maquis cell to Starfleet. They were all captured and imprisoned.
  Pitt was allowed to return to the Academy, but had to repeat his senior year. A year later, he finally graduated fifth in his class. He was assigned as helmsman of the Nebula class U.S.S. Farragut under Commodore Daniel Hurley. In this respect, Pitt and the legendary Captain Kirk have something in common. They were both on a starship named Farragut for their first assignment. Midway through his first mission, the Gelvin System Incident, Pitt was transferred off of the Farragut by Commodore Hurley for unknown reasons.
Pitt was then transferred to Spacedock in Earth orbit. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and made a part of the Auxiliary Spacecraft Design Team (ASDT) at Spacedock. While there Pitt used his prowess as a pilot to design several spaceframes to increase spaceflight efficiency. Pitt designed a new class of runabout as well as a new class of tactical attack fighter.
The Kilimanjaro-class runabout Pitt designed is capable of firing full size mark VIII photon torpedoes rather than the standard micro-torpedoes on Danube-class runabouts. A test flight of the U.S.S. Kilimanjaro, NX-71856, was held in the atmosphere of Earth above the Central American subcontinent. During the top secret test, Lieutenant JG Pitt was aboard the supervising vessel, U.S.S. First Attempt, overseeing the experiment, and was in overall command of the test. An hour into the test, a small craft was detected entering the area. No craft had filed a flight plan in the area and it was too close to the ground to identify. Pitt could not compromise the security of the flight by hailing the craft, and since no flight plan was filed, it was assumed the craft was a clear and present threat to the test flight. Lieutenant JG Pitt ordered the craft fired upon. Its engines were damaged and it crashed into the Sierra Madre Mountains. After carefully examining the warp signature, the craft was discovered to be a Federation shuttle. The incident was immediately classified by Rear Admiral James Sandecker. It wasn't until years later that Pitt discovered that the person aboard was Cadet Laura Cavazos.
The Falcon-class tactical attack fighter Pitt designed is capable of warp speeds in excess of Warp 5 for up to 12 hours. The Falcon is also capable of high atmospheric flight. These two factors alone make the Falcon an incredibly versatile craft. Unfortunately, Starfleet has made neither of these designs available to Obsidian Fleet's Obsidian Fleet Yards for construction.
For his outstanding work at Spacedock, Pitt was promoted to Lieutenant. Pitt then took 28 days shore leave on the planet Risa. While there, Pitt won several bars of gold-pressed latinum in a casino. While in the casino, Pitt noticed two disturbing things. First, he saw a Vulcan playing  a game of chance (and winning). Second, he noticed several Ferengi taking quite an interest in both his and the Vulcans winnings. The Vulcan didn't seem to notice.
When Pitt saw the Vulcan leave the gambling establishment oblivious to the danger both he and his latinum were in, Pitt followed him.
In a dark alley (a rarity on Risa), Pitt caught up to the Vulcan. Pitt introduced himself and found that the Vulcan was a Commander in Starfleet named Torek. Just as the two were about to shake hands, the three Ferengi from the casino appeared and surrounded Pitt and Torek. They demanded the latinum. Pitt and Torek declined and the Ferengi attacked. One was dropped instantly by Torek's nerve pinch. Pitt managed to subdue another with plain old fists. The third recognized he was outnumbered and retreated.
Pitt and Torek parted company and agreed to stay in touch. Pitt returned to Spacedock and found that his designs had been forwarded to Starfleet Command. The people there were so impressed with Pitt's "originality" that he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
He was then transferred to Starfleet Academy's Flight Training Center in Venus Orbit. There he trained many future pilots. He also earned a promotion to Commander for his excellent method of teaching.
Now a commander, Pitt thought command of a Starship may not be out of the question. He approached Vice-Admiral Benjamin Farrel of Bravo Fleet's Task Force 21 and inquired about the opening commanding officer position aboard the Intrepid-class U.S.S. Firebrand. Farrel granted Pitt the position. Just as Pitt took command of the Firebrand, she was renamed the U.S.S. Gage Hill after a fallen comrade in Bravo Fleet, the late Captain of the U.S.S. Ranger. Pitt then attended Bravofleet's Commanding Officer Academy. He graduated and was promoted to Captain by Vice-Admiral Farrel and Fleet-Admiral Bremer. Just before his promotion, Pitt was informed that Mr. Wyatt Gage Hill, the man for whom his vessel was named, was indeed not dead. He, along with his friend, the current Captain of the U.S.S. Ranger, had for reasons as yet unknown, faked Hill's death. Feeling the name no longer deserved the honor of being on a starship, the U.S.S. Gage Hill was renamed U.S.S. Gladiator. Midway through his first mission as commanding officer of the Gladiator, the ship was reassigned to the Enforcers Task Group of Task Force 21 and Pitt was made Task Group Commanding Officer. Later, at the end of his first mission, The Gladiator was again reassigned as Task Force Executive Flagship and Pitt was made Task Force Executive Officer. Captain Pitt then began working closely with Vice-Admiral Farrel on matters of the Task Force.
On stardate 54197, Captain Pitt was promoted to Commodore by Vice-Admiral Farrel.

On stardate 54460, Commodore Pitt was promoted to Rear Admiral by Admiral Farrel.

Standard Duty Uniform

Dress Uniform

Dress Uniform

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