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Johnson, Lisa

Species:  Human
Age: 29 Earth years
Height: 1.65 m
Weight: 68.49 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown/Red
Right Handed
Native Planet: Earth


Gender: Female

Rank: Ensign

Personal History:
Johnson was born to, two Starfleet
Officer, David and Jasmine Johnson, onboard the
Federation Starship O'RyanStar. Her father surved as
the Chief Engineer, at rank Lieutnetant Commander. Her
mother surved as th Commanding Officer of the vessel,
at rank Admiral. This ship served as, the Federation's
Gamma sector excutive flagship. Johnson frew up on the
ship, but hung around her parent's de to the lack of
children her age. Johnson was alway with her mother on
bridge, with her farther in engineering, or with the
CMO, in sickbay. These are the three main thing's
Johnson learned from growing up on the O'RyanStar. Out
of all these, I would love to tell you, that hanging
around her mother made her want to take up but
Command, but it didn't. She had a passion for Medical,
Counseling and Science. There where no teachers or
Schools aboard the vessel, so she was home schooled,
by the crew. Lisa had more knowledge than regular
children in school's. the Chief Science Officer, said
she had a knack for science. But she really exceled in
the Medical field. Two year's in the makeing, Johnson
was now 16 and the O'RyanStar introduced there first
marine division.

Johnson begin to like Marine's, and
started to watch there training's. The MCO Captain
Dougless Burnham, begin to notice her sitting there
watching them. He decided to let her interact. This
her mother did not like, for she new Marines work was
dangerious. But her farther liked the idea. Her mother
and farther, counstly fought over the idea of Johnson
becomming a Marine. Her mother made the decision that
would be best for all. That she could interact and
train with the Marine's but no Away mission's. This
Johnson did not like, she was half grown and still
haveing people tell her what she can and can't do. But
it was her mother and she had to respect her wishes.

A month had passed, and Johnson was still
training with the Marine, as well as her studies with
Medical and Science. Her mother came to her that night
and gave her new's that would change her life.
Starfleet had gave her to ok, to begin training her
for Starfleet. So she was givin the rank Cadet (First
Year) and assigned to her mother's ship. Johnson
trained mostr in Sickbay, as a Medical Officer. Two
more weeks had passed, and the O'RyanStar meet up with
the Federation's Flag ship, Enterprise-D. While on the
Joint Mission, Johnson learned a grewat deal from
Dr.Cursher. The thing's she learned, would be a great
help in the year's to come. Durning the mission, the
Marine's had an Away mission on a Hosstile planet, to
save a Borjan Colony. Captain Burnham asked her to go
along, asking her to defi her mother's wishes. She
told him she couldn't, that her mother would find out.
He reassured her that her mother would not find out,
that they would get her into Marine gear and ge her
pass her mother. So they did, she went along with the
Marine's, and came back in one peace, her mother never
found out. After the Away mission, with the
Enterprise-D gone. The Marines had a party, and
invited Lisa. After the party the Captain invited her
to stay and tralk with him. She stayed, and talked for
half the night. But it was time to go and she knew her
mother was worried. As she begin to leave, the Captain
tried to convence her to stay. But she had to go, so
she made her way to the door, and suddenly the captain
voice changed, he begin to scer her. He ran to the
door and grabed her by her arm, and slong her into a
tabel in the middle of the room. She begin the
scrambel around the room to get away from him. But he
cought up with her, and snatched her off the ground.
He kissed her on her lips, and she drew her hand back
and punched him, and ran for it. But he triped her,
when she got up he did to. By the time she reached the
door, he grabed her and she screamed and was hit over
the head with something, that knocked her out cold.
Luckly two security guards where on duty and heard
her. They made there way into his quarter's and
arrested him , the other security guard threw Lisa on
his sholder's and rushed her to sickbay.
Her mother was in her quarter's
talking to her farther, the doctor informed them on
what happened. They rushed to sickbay to check on her.
Lisa's mother was mad as mad can be. She went to the
brig, and ordered that the Force field be taken down.
She walked in and up to him. She asked him why, and he
just smiled. She punched him, on the right of his jaw,
knocking him out cold. She was still mad, so she order
all Marines to the confernce room, and demanded the
truth. Each and everytone of the, told everything they
knew. Even the part about Lisa on the away mission.
Which mad her even more mad. She went back to sickbay
just as Lisa opened her eye's. Lisa's mother made
changes in the week to follow. The sip was docked at
Deep Space 6. Where the Marine Captain was
courtmarshalled, and Lisa was sent to Earth. Her
farther came along, but only to show her, her new
home. Where she had a brother and a sister. Kieth, and
Loren Johnson. Her farther went back to the Galaxy
class vessel, the place that Lisa wanted to be. Her
Brother was already enrolled in StarFleet Academy, but
was out for the Semester. He got Lisa to finish her
training at the Academy. She started the Academy, with
a majored in Medical and Minored in Science.
Two years had passed, and Lisa
was doing great in the Academy, First in her class.
When she recived new's that the O'RyanStar had been
destroyed along the Breen boarder. That same day Lisa
quit the Academy, and took the next transport to SB565
where the crew was currently at. Once there she found
that her farther had been killed, due to a warp core
breach. Her mother was missing on a planet in Breen
space. The Federation searched for 4 week's. Within
that time they found Lisas mother and the othr
survivor's. Lisa and her mother moved to Earth. Her
mother surverd at StarFleet Headquarter's on the
counsel. While Admiral Bank's, arranged for Lisa to
study for one year as a Nurse onboard the USS
Timeshare, as there nurse, she wouldn't have to go to
the Academy all over. Shee took the deal and was off
to the Neblua class vessel. She was givin the rank
Ensign. Mostly the ship stayed out of danger, but
Starfleet command. She knew it had to be her mother.
But while patroling the Klingon boarder the Timeshare,
encountered a gang of rebale Klingon's, who attacked
the the Timeshare. The she was destroyed, and the
Captain order them to abandan ship. So the ship was
left to be finished off by the Klingon's, a week later
the Proxmias picked up or signaled and carried us to
the Jupitor station. There everyone was reassigned.
Admiral Banks reassigned her to the USS Gladiator, as
there Chief Nurse, to complete her training. Meting up
with the Gladiator on Starbase 565, Lisa meet John
Rager. The ship Chief Science Officer. A week later,
the two became good firend's. He decided to take a
tirp away from the Starbase, would do them both some
good. On a vaction to a colony, Lisa had found out
more new's. Her mother was to be sent on an away
mission that leads toward the back of the Delta
Quardent, with the O'RyanStar-A, Intrepid class. The
ship was destroyed by the Borg. Her mother was killed
along with all the rest of the Bridge staff. Later
after her first mission with the Gladiator, the
current CMO had been killed and she had started to
take her test to become a Medical Officer. Also Lisa
is to be married to Ensign Rager, and give birth to
her first child.
Standard Duty Uniform

Standard Duty Uniform

Dress Uniform

Fress Uniform