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Sage, Benjamin

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Species:  Human/Betazoid
Age: 27 Earth years
Height: 1.90 m
Weight: 91.17 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown


Gender: Male

Personal History:
Appearance & Attitude:

Ben is tall and muscular with above average strength. He has an extremely friendly and outgoing personality and though he looks intimidating, is really a gentle giant.


Benjamin Sage was born in Colorado, outside Colorado Springs in North America. His parents, Frank and Jenny Sage, were both wildlife photographers that made a modest living. He had 2 siblings, and older brother named Jared and an older sister named Rebecca. Jared was 6 years older, Rebecca 3. Being the youngest child, Ben was also the most picked on. He developed somewhat of a rebellious personality and spent large amounts of his time outside in the mountains near his home. Most of Ben's childhood was spent in those mountains. He loved rock climbing, hiking, swimming, rafting, and all other sorts of adventure activities. He also often helped out his parents with their photography. He developed a knack for being able to climb to almost any location, which was helpful in placing cameras. He also developed a talent for fixing up various injuries. He often found himself cut or bruised or occasionally with a cracked bone or sprained ankle. He learned how to treat this various injuries and found it almost as interesting as the actual adventuring itself. At school he had a small, close-knit group of friends and they enjoyed each other's company. When he was 15, he began to develop a relationship of sorts with one of the girls in his group of friends. Her name was Donna and they both shared a great deal of common interests. They often went on outings into the mountains together, enjoying the peaceful surroundings. They developed an extremely close relationship and could trust each other with anything. At the age of 17, Ben graduated from high school. Having made an epic decision, he was accepted into Starfleet Academy and was enrolled in the fall semester. This was something Ben had been interested in doing for a while, but his parents didn't like the idea. Despite their displeasure at the idea, he went anyway. Donna happened to be attending a college not far from the San Francisco area so they were able to keep in touch very easily. Ben decided to major in the Medical field with a minor in Engineering. After graduating from the Academy (ranked 53rd in his class of 234) Ben was able to spend some time with Donna before his first assignment. They became happily engaged one month after the graduation. Benjamin then received a big break on his first assignment as he was assigned to the San Francisco area to gain more training and basic experience in a Starfleet medical officer. 6 months later, he and Donna tied the knot. However, they were only able to spend a short 2 months together before Ben was rushed into the front lines to help make up for the losses in the now full-blown Dominion War. Benjamin was fortunate in a way, only having to spend 8 months on the front, serving onboard the USS Austin, an Akira class ship. However, in those 8 months he gained an incredible amount of experience and saw many things that most doctors did not see in a 30-year career. He was glad when it was over and was eager to return back to Earth for some much needed shore leave. Benjamin was able to spend almost a year with Donna on Earth before he was called back into active duty. This time, he was assigned to the USS Houston, a Galaxy-class. He spent 3 years here as the Chief Medical Officer. Fortunately, he was able to have Donna with him for most of those 3 years.

Standard Duty Uniform

Standard Duty Uniform

Dress Uniform

Fress Uniform

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