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Aster, Michael

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Species:  Human
Age: 30 Earth years
Height: 1.73 m
Weight: 88.9 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Right Handed
Native Planet: Earth

Lieutenant Junior Grade

Gender: Male

Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Personal History:
Aster has a well defined sense of moral right and wrong, and will endeavor to counter anything he believes is wrong. His mind often appears to work in a very slow, unintelligent manner, never afraid to ask a question. He is courteous to everyone, if not always friendly. He has a good tactical awareness of any given situation, and is adept at survival, but is relatively poor in other areas, especially the engineering and science fields. He is generally unconcerned with what anyone else thinks of him. He is good at organization and presenting data, and has a fairly inquisitive nature, though is slower than most in solving a mystery. He has an active imagination, and often has ideas and thoughts that others would not. He often expresses himself bluntly, though it is usually not his intention to do so, simply the way he talks. He has a mixed accent, but most noticeable is a soft South American influence. He very rarely swears or curses, even mildly, and will remain outwardly calm in almost any situation.
Found by the USS Pacific at age 20 on the small colony world of Tyras Prime after it responded to a distress call from the planet, he was taken onto the Pacific along with a few other survivors. The fate of his parents was unknown, but he was unwilling to broach the subject even with the ship's counselor. He has no other known family. Intending to take them to a Starbase, the Pacific was called on another mission before it could achieve this, and so the survivors stayed on board. Most had had little contact with Starfleet until this point, and Aster was fascinated by high speed travel through space, though had shown little interest in space before being rescued by the Pacific. After the Pacific completed its mission, Aster spoke to the ship's captain, who had shown an interest in the survivors, and asked if it were possible to join the crew on his ship. Captain Walker was happy to give Aster an idea of what it was like, if not actually make him a crewmember. Aster was introduced to the ship's departments, and allowed to watch them as they performed their general duties, provided he was unobtrusive. After several days, and as they finally approached Starbase 492 for their intended drop-off, Aster again met with the captain and again expressed a wish to join the crew. Captain Walker explained the requirements of Starfleet in order to join the officers ranks, but told him he could sign up as an enlisted crewman. Aster immediately accepted the offer, and so, after some basic training which he passed with ease, became a recruit in the security department.
Several years and many missions later, Aster had proven himself to be a capable crewmember, and had been awarded a warrant and transferred to the intelligence department. He was ready to try out for a commissioned rank, and took the various tests onboard the Pacific, still under the care of Captain Walker. Passing on his third attempt, Aster proudly wore a commissioned officer's uniform and rank as an intelligence officer. Captain Walker then suggested he try applying for a transfer a free position he knew of on the USS Gladiator. Initially unwilling to leave the Pacific and, more specifically, his mentor Captain Walker, he was eventually persuaded to try for the position.
Aster considers exploration his ultimate hobby, in his own way, but also takes pride in his personal fitness and health. During his time on the Pacific, he was introduced by Captain Walker to many different sports and activities, but has no preference among them. He enjoys keeping up with (and trying to understand) the latest discoveries and advances in the universe.
Service record:
Stardate:46362  Event: Found by USS Pacific
Stardate:46419  Event: Joined USS Pacific
Stardate:47104  Event: Promoted to Crewman Apprentice
Stardate:48578  Event: Promoted to Crewman
Stardate:48868  Event: Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class
Stardate:49293  Event: Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
Stardate:49638  Event: Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
Stardate:50405  Event: Demoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
Stardate:50405  Event: Awarded purple heart
Stardate:51441  Event: Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
Stardate:54984  Event: Promoted to Chief Petty Officer
Stardate:55192  Event: Promoted to Warrant Officer
Stardate:55748  Event: Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer
Stardate:56126  Event: Awarded a commission
Standard Duty Uniform

Standard Duty Uniform

Dress Uniform

Fress Uniform