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Species:  Vulcan
Age: 26 Earth Years
Height: 1.57 m
Weight: 56.24 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Right Handed
Native Planet: Vulcan


Gender: Male

Rank: Ensign

Personal History:
Appearance & Attitude:
A'Pollo is a straight forward, down to earth individual. Serious and determined to get the job done no matter what the sacrifices. Logical and focused are two words that best describe A'Pollo. He takes orders with no rebuttal, however will question his commanders decisions, orders or request if they are un-logical and pose little chance of success, but will follow his commander's orders down to the note. He is intrigued by human and alien nature and is fascinated by the unknown. He is well spoken and dressed and has the traditional Vulcan look. He has a white complexion with extraordinarily good hygiene.

Career History:
Stardate 2368: Joined Star Fleet Academy. 
Stardate 2372: Graduated SFA 2nd in his class. 
Stardate2372.28: Assigned to the USS Relentless as Asst. Eng. 
Stardate 2375: Resigned from Starfleet and moved back to Vulcan to complete his training in proper Vulcan discipline at the Great Temple. 
Stardate 2377.12: Rejoined Star Fleet and underwent advance Engineering and Science course for 2.25 years graduating 1st in his class. 

As a young cadet A'Pollo has reported being confronted by a secret organization within called Section 31. Refusing to join A'Pollo confronted 31 by trying to expose them with several other officers within Starfleet. His attempts to expose them resulted in an attempt of his assassination that fellow officers claimed to have taken place. Now understanding the real threat of section 31 A'Pollo has kept quite about its existence but it is said that A'Pollo may work with a secret underground organization secretly trying to expose section 31. Apollo also has also taken place in several slipstream experimental developments and one secret intelligence gathering in the Mirror Universe in his early years as a Starfleet officer (The above information is classified and may only be seen by superior officers.) 

Family History:
Father:Zeph'Pa born on Stardate 2299.1003 Famous Vulcan artitech. His work is known throughout the galaxy on Vulcan, Earth, Andoria, and Risa. His work is very unusual, eccentric, and quite creative for a Vulcan of of his nature. His architectures are mistaken for works of art by Humans Risans, or Andorians. Zeph'Pa encouraged his son to join Starfleet ever since he was little even though the mother discouraged her son from joining. Zeph'Pa's greatest work is probably known and recognized by his reworking on the great temple which was severely damaged during the Dominion War. Since the Zeph'Pa has worked on the reconstruction on several planets and has not been to Vulcan for several years. 
Mother: Ta'May Born on Stardate 2307.0417. A very personal Vulcan who is very religious. She worked as a religious Vulcan instructor in the art of Vulcan mental discipline. She greatly disapproved her son joining Starfleet and her husband encouraging her son to join Starfleet. She also disapproved Vulcan being in the Federation. When her son resigned to Vulcan she grew very close to her son helping him in the art of mental discipline but when she discovered his secret return into Starfleet she soon disappeared on stardate 22379.0121, little is known about her after this date she is considered missing and has been reported being seen on Romulus.

Standard Duty Uniform

Standard Duty Uniform

Dress Uniform

Dress Uniform

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